Perc Test Story – St. Marys County and Calvert

Hi. My name is Jason Guy and boy do i have a cool perc test story for you.

Well at least it was cool for a teenage boy when his father brings home a 1984 Corvette with no advance notice.

Now as a married adult with a family of my own, I can just imagine the look on my mothers face when he brought that car home.

What? Why did you buy a Corvette without talking to me? I can’t put the kids in the back of this thing!

It doesn’t even have a backseat. Well buckle up, cause it starts to make sense soon.

My dad, Eddie Guy was always a smarter than average guy, but in his trade he can do ANYTHING!

I don’t think this is just a 40 year old man gushing on his father. I know how to be objective.

A man called my dad, Eddie Guy, and said he has been trying to get this land to pass a Perc Test.

He had a company dig the holes and call the health department, and it FAILED TO PASS.

Multiple times over multiple years.

He called my dad with a different kind of proposition.

He said how about I pay you 10X times your normal rate if it passes, and NOTHING if it fails.

My dad took on the challenge.

He passed 4 pieces of land for this guy, and using todays values on land, made the guy about $400,000.

Well the guy was obviously thrilled.

My father had helped do the impossible, but to him he saw simply what the other guys doing the perc test couldn’t.

He read the geography of the land, saw the hills, where the river was,

knew where the marshes were nearby, and concentrated his efforts in the areas that could pass a perc test in his opinion.

My dad got the perc test to pass when no one else could.

Thats a fact, a memory I will never forget as a child, as my dad, instead of taking the money owed to him for passing the four perc tests, instead asks “How much for that Corvette over there that you’re selling?”

And the rest is history. I was in love with its power  and that fateful day made me the car geek that I am.

So I say to you, do you want to hire the guy with the best experience?

The guy that can get the perc tests in Mechanicsville St Mary’s county Southern Md to pass when no one else can.

If you need a perc test done in Mechanicsville, Lexington Park, Hughesville, Waldorf, Laplata, St Marys County, Charles County, Calvert County, anywhere in Southern Maryland.

Give my dad a call at 301-904-0321

You’ll be glad you did!

Jason Guy, proud son and now car guy through and through.

visit or fill out the contact form on our home page.

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